Unmasking the True Face of Your Property: Embracing the New Property Practitioners Act

In February 2022, the Property Practitioners Act No. 22 of 2019 (“the Act”) came into full effect. This caused a series of significant changes in the real estate industry. Among these changes, introducing the Mandatory Disclosure Form is of utmost importance for buyers and sellers. With these recent alterations, the importance of expert property inspection services, like those provided by CJ Property Inspection, becomes increasingly relevant.

Voetstoots” Governed Property Transactions

Prior to the Act, the common law principle of “voetstoots” governed property transactions, implying the sale of the property “as is”, with sellers being indemnified against claims for damages related to any property defects. These defects could either be patent, easily identifiable issues like cracked walls or broken windows. They could also be latent or hidden issues requiring expert identification like leaking roofs or faulty geysers.

The Act’s introduction of the Mandatory Disclosure Form serves to ensure the accurate representation of a property’s condition. This is to prevent potential disputes post-registration or post-conclusion of a lease. This form requires full completion and signature by the seller, and must be provided to the prospective buyer or lessee. This is where property practitioners like CJ Property Inspection come in.

CJ Property Inspection

At CJ Property Inspection, we offer expert, thorough property inspections to identify both patent and latent defects, safeguarding both sellers and buyers. We facilitate the completion of the Mandatory Disclosure Form, ensuring all known defects are disclosed, thus providing maximum protection for both parties.

The Act provides added protection to consumers, but it doesn’t completely replace the Voetstoots principle. As a buyer, you still have the duty to acquaint yourself with the general condition of the property. By engaging the services of a certified property inspection service like CJ Property Inspection, you can be assured of an in-depth, professional inspection that leaves no stone unturned.

So, before you sign that dotted line, remember the significance of a comprehensive property inspection. Be it for a sale or a lease, reach out to CJ Property Inspection for detailed, expert property inspection services that protect your investment and guarantee peace of mind.

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